Google Faces New Class Action-Style Suit In UK


The technology giant ‘Google’ is facing a new class-action style lawsuit in the United Kingdom in relation to a health data scandal that has broke back in the year 2016, when it has emerged that, the company’s artificial intelligence division known as DeepMind, which is passed data on more than a million patients as a part of a project of app development by the Royal Free NHS Trust based in London, without the consent of the patient.

The trust had been later sanctioned by the data protection regulatory of the United Kingdom, which has found that, the trust has broken the data protection law of the United Kingdom when it has signed the data-sharing deal with DeepMind back in 2015.

Although, Google had been engaged by the Trust for the purpose of helping them to develop an application wrapper for an NHS algorithm for alerting the clinicians to the early signs of the acute kidney injury and the company also avoided the sanction since the Trust had been responsible directly for sending it the data of the patients.

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Mischon de Reya, the law company that is engaged in the matter said that, the litigation is going to be seeking the damages for the unlawful use of the confidential medical records of the patients and the claim is also being brought in the High Court of Justice of Wales and England.