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Toyota To Use Innovative AI Technology To Its Factory Efficiency

Toyota Motor North America has been partnering with the Invisible AI for the purpose of using the artificial intelligence to provide help so that the company can make more intelligent decisions in the factories of the automobile company regarding the safety, quality and productivity. The automobile company and Invisible AI, a

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Voyager Ventures Launched $100-Million Fund I to Invest in Climate Technology Across Europe and North America

The Voyager Ventures, a company having 28 years of climate experience announced its first round of the 100 million dollar funding, and the Fund I has been investing in the early-stage companies of climate technology in the regions of Europe and North America. Eva and Logan Green, chief executive officer of

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Smile Identity Launched Enhanced Document Verification in Europe, North America and Africa

Smile Identity, an identity verification company based in Africa has announced that, it is going to be launching the document Verification, which has been the latest product designed by the company for the purpose of helping the companies for on boarding the users on the platforms of the company. From the

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