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Artificial Intelligence Can Now Predict Earthquakes Too

No matter how much technology has progressed, predicting where and when the next big earthquake will strike is still difficult. Forecasting of weather has gained pace since years but foretelling about when an earthquake will take place is still difficult. When the world’s most devastating earthquakes like the one in China

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Artificial Intelligence to Predict Earthquake Aftershocks: Scientists

A recent study unveiled that artificial intelligence can help in foreseeing the earthquake’s aftershocks. Scientists have trained an artificial neural network for studying the spatial relationships amid more than 130,000 main earthquakes and their aftershocks. When tested, this AI network was far better than that of the traditional methods used by

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AI towards cosmos

AI now building ways towards the cosmos, says AI pioneer Jurgen Schmidhuber

Prominent Computer Scientist Jurgen Schmidhuber, who has tremendously contributed to the field of Artificial Intelligence, aims at paving a path towards space. Being a co-director of the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence Research and co-founder of NNAISENSE, he is a founding father of AI to his followers. His most profound

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Google Launched New ML Course ‘Seedbank’, an Aid for Developers

Being the world’s popularised search engine, Google launched its new Machine Learning course ‘Seedbank’ for making it easier for the developers to learn and incorporate Artificial Intelligence, which will help in enhancing their work. Having shared by the TensorFlow team, an open source software library for developers, Seedbank consists of a

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