Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Can Now Predict Earthquakes Too

No matter how much technology has progressed, predicting where and when the next big earthquake will strike is still difficult. Forecasting of weather has gained pace since years but foretelling about when an earthquake will take place is still difficult. When the world’s most devastating earthquakes like the one in China

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Facebook Security

Facebook Suffered Security Breach, Over 50 Million of Users’ Data Attacked

Social Media giant Facebook recognized that it underwent a severe security breach, putting an impact over 50 million users. Not only the company is solely affected by this flaw, but also its users’ personal information has also been attacked. It is the second consecutive blunder, few months after the Facebook-Cambridge Analytics

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Amazon’s Alexa Will Now Hear Your Whispers and Frustrations

E-commerce giant Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa is being updated by a new feature of hearing whispers and responding it back to the user. Apart from this up gradation, Amazon also introduced voice-enabled Microwave and a virtually assisted wall clock. This newly introduced feature paces towards an expanded virtual assistant’s capability of

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