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The Dawn of Artificial General Intelligence: Navigating the Path Forward

The pursuit of artificial general intelligence (AGI) represents one of humanity’s most ambitious and consequential undertakings. AGI, a machine intelligence that can match or surpass human-level performance across a wide range of cognitive tasks, has long been a subject of speculation and fascination. As we inch closer to this transformative milestone, figures like Sam Altman, […]

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NVIDIA Healthcare Launches Generative AI Microservices to Advance Drug Discovery, MedTech, and Digital Health

On March 18, 2024, during GTC, NVIDIA unveiled over twenty-five new microservices designed to empower healthcare enterprises worldwide with cutting-edge generative AI capabilities. These microservices offer optimized NVIDIA NIM™ AI models and workflows, complete with industry-standard APIs, enabling the creation and deployment of cloud-native applications across various healthcare sectors. Included in this suite are advanced […]

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NASA Launched TEMPO Air Quality Monitoring Instrument

Nasa, the American space agency, unveiled its Tropospheric Emissions: From Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket’s Monitoring of Pollution (Tempo) instrument The instrument has been intended to screen significant air contaminations – down to four square miles. Researchers plan to further develop life on Earth by reforming the manner […]

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L&T Develop First 3D-Printed Post Office of India

A post office building in Bengaluru is being constructed using 3D printing by L&T Construction. Using 3D concrete printing technology, it will construct the 1,000 square foot building for the Halasuru Post Office within 45 days. 3D concrete printing, a new technology, has the potential to speed up construction and improve overall build quality, transforming […]

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UK Plan for Full 5G Coverage by 2030

By the end of the decade, the government of the United Kingdom intends to achieve the ambitious goal of providing populous areas across the nation with coverage for 5G mobile networks of the next generation. All four of Britain’s mobile networks, BT’s EE, O2, Virgin Media O2, Vodafone, and Three, are currently implementing 5G. The […]

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