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Deliveries of Aston Martin’s ‘Valkyrie’ Delayed Due to Electronic Issues

United Kingdom’s Aston Martin, automobile company is struggling with the deliveries of the company’s Valkyrie hypercar because of the issues related to the electronics in the car plaguing the company. The hypercar worth 3.2 million dollars, which has been sold-out completely, has been an integral part of the turnaround efforts

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Toyota Acquires Software Company ‘Renevo’ for Accelerating Development of Self-Drive Tech

Woven Planet, a subsidiary of Toyota Motors said, it had now acquired Renovo, an automotive operating system software company for the purpose of providing help in accelerating the development of the completely autonomous connected vehicles. James Kuffner, head of Woven Planet said, he has been hoping to shave off the months

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UK’s Competition Watchdog Called Government to Urge in Prevention of Charging Deserts

The competition authority of United Kingdom has called for the government to intervene in the charger market of the electric cars for the purpose of preventing the charging deserts and also increasing the availability in the different locations outside London, which mostly remain undeserved. United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)

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