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UK MHRA Selects Commonwealth Informatics Inc. to Explore Use of Machine Learning and AI for Safety

Commonwealth Informatics, a leading provider of the innovative product based on cloud technology and services for the public health surveillance and medical product safety announced, it has signed a new contract for the purpose of supporting the UK MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Product Regulatory Agency) through the NHSX program of

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UK Aiming to Boost Solar Energy by Predicting Cloud Movements with Artificial Intelligence

The government of United Kingdom is now planning to use the software of artificial intelligence for the purpose of trying to predict that, when the movements of the clouds will be affecting the production of solar energy. The National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO), that is responsible in moving the electricity

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UK’s Caigan Vehicle Technologies to Covert Internal Combustion Engines to Hydrogen with New Technology

A new converter of the hydrogen fuel cell for the internal combustion engine vehicles has been launched by Caigan Vehicle Technologies, a company based in United Kingdom, which is looking to convert the diesel and petrol vehicles. On 26th August 2021, the company ‘Caigan Vehicle Technologies’ said, the engineers of the

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