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Builders Contribute $40,000 to African-American Insurance Association of Florida

Builders, a leading commercial insurance company announced a contribution of 40,000 dollars to the National African-American Insurance Association (NAAIA) of Florida, US through the company’s newly established scholarship fund known as Built Strong. This contribution is going to be providing he in-state and merit-based Florida scholarships to the African American

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Valbiotis Strengthen Its Commitment to CSR by Joining the United Nations Global Compact

Valbiotis, a research and development company that is committed to the scientific innovation for the prevention and also combating the metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, has now been strengthening the commitment of the company to the CSR (corporate social responsibility) by joining the United Nations Global Compact and also applying the

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Symetra Launched CSR Program Committing to Social Impact Across Community, Environment and Government Practices

Symetra, a provider of the employee benefits, life insurance and annuities has announced the launch of the company’s first CSR (corporate social responsibility) program known as Symetra Social Impact by establishing a strategic CSR roadmap and also outlining the goals of the program through 2025. As the program has been unified

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