AMN Healthcare Acquires Connetics USA


AMN Healthcare, leading total healthcare talent solutions company in the United States has acquired Connetics USA, which is an international nurse and allied recruitment company, which is specialized in the nursing and allied professional direct hiring, placements and recruitments.

Connetics USA has been helping the healthcare professional candidates through the licensure and immigration processes to the arrival of the company in the United States and the company is also serving the clients across the United States, which is also including the hospitals, long-term care facilities and dialysis facilities.

Susan Salka, chief executive officer at AMN Healthcare said that, they are very happy for having the team of Connetics USA for joining the AMN Healthcare family and for extending their ability for serving the clients across the United States at such a very important time.

She said, the very first challenge facing the healthcare organizations has been the increasing shortage of the healthcare professionals that is expected to continue for several years and the international staffing and recruitment solutions have been an increasingly important response to this serious problem. She also said, Connetics USA is going to help them in bringing more qualified and experienced international professionals to the United States.

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With the addition of Connetics USA to the diverse portfolio of the solutions of AMN Healthcare and the company is also expanding its international staffing business and is substantially adding more qualified professionals to the company’s international pipeline of the allied professionals and nurses.

This purchase is also allowing the AMN Healthcare and their clients and benefiting from the expertise and knowledge of the Connetics USA team in the operations, placement and recruitment.