WSP USA Announced Creation Of New Innovation Advisory Practice


WSP USA, a leading professional and engineering services consultancy has announced the creation of a new Innovation Advisory practice, which is going to be providing the strategic consulting to the clients of the company.

The innovation advisory practice is offering the clients engagements of WSP focused on the outcomes in the three of the primary areas including the innovation project management, digital consulting and application of the emerging technologies.

The services of the company has been aiming to help the WSP foster lasting partnerships along with the clients and leveraging the interdisciplinary expertise within the built-in environment for providing the added value upstream of the projects of design and construction.

Rick Rome, head of the national business line for buildings and property of WSP said, they believe that, the innovation has been the nexus where the business strategy, which has been a human-centered design and building the systems converge.

With the vast expertise and resources of WSP the fingertips of the company, they have now created a team of Innovation Advisory for the purpose of helping the clients defining their vision and what has been motivating the company for changing the business as usual along with creating a blueprint for determining that, what is necessary for achieving the vision.

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The digital consulting service of Innovation Advisory has been covering the complete lifecycle of the needs of the client throughput the strategy, along with the design, implementation and operation. The Innovation Advisory is a project framework for the project teams for aligning the innovation with the practical design for realizing the goals and ambition of each client.