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Under the US Antitrust Legislation, Amazon Might Lose Its Logistics Business

The company Amazon could possibly be forced for selling the company’s valuable logistics services division, which includes the network of the warehouses and delivery hubs around the United States, which has been powering the quick delivery of the online orders under the antitrust legislation, that has been proposed by a

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Amazon Launched Digital Healthcare Accelerator Program for Startups in US

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) is going to be helping the early-stage digital health companies, which can possibly be collaborating the company’s healthcare customers and partners, and the cloud division of the company Amazon has now launched a healthcare accelerator for the purpose of boosting the growth of the different

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Amazon’s Alexa Will Now Hear Your Whispers and Frustrations

E-commerce giant Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa is being updated by a new feature of hearing whispers and responding it back to the user. Apart from this up gradation, Amazon also introduced voice-enabled Microwave and a virtually assisted wall clock. This newly introduced feature paces towards an expanded virtual assistant’s capability of

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Healthcare Standards

Tech Giants Amazon, IBM, Microsoft Initiated in Increasing Health Data Standards

World’s biggest tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Amazon pooled together for vowing to remove interoperability barriers in the healthcare system with an aim for the advancement of health data standards. They have, in a conference, collectively pledged to support healthcare interoperability by progressing healthcare standards such as HL7

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