US to Accept Around 100,000 Ukrainian Refugees


The United States is going to be welcoming around 100,000 refugees of Ukraine and other has displaced the people fleeing the war in the country of Ukraine, as said by a senior administration official traveling with Joe Biden, president of the United States.

As most of the refugees of Ukraine want to stay in Europe, the government of the United States is also expecting to use the country’s refugee admission program and also the parole system and the non-immigrant and immigrant visas for the purpose of bringing in people of Ukraine.

The official also said that, the people of Ukraine living in the United States have been eager to welcome the family members into the United States, and the vulnerable people including the LGBTQ people, along with the people with some medical needs and the dissidents and journalists are also going to be prioritized.

According to another official, Joe Biden has been planning to announce a new funding of one billion dollars for the humanitarian aids for the refugees and people of Ukraine in the neighbouring countries.

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The G-7, along with the government of the United States and the European Union are also moving for blocking the sales of Russia of gold, and the central of Russia is having around 20 percent of its reserves in the gold ahead of the invasion of Russia on Ukraine.