Grain Foods Foundation Offers Real-Life Solutions for Better Health for US People


The Gran Foods Foundation, an US advocate for the all grain foods has now launched the ‘Better Together’ campaign for the purpose of highlighting the simple ways in which the people of the United States can include the whole and enriched grain foods products into their daily meals for the purpose of increasing the wellness of their health.

Since 2004, the Grain Foods Foundation (GFF) has become a trusted and science-based source of grains and nutrition information, along with building a respected arsenal of the nutrition research and also investing in the partnership with a diversity of the experts in the area of nutritional science.

The science around the grain food nutrition has been the core objective of the Grain Food Foundation (GFF), especially in the products based on grains and by choosing grains, the consumers have been feeding their families the foods that have been serving as the vehicles for more greater nutrition specifically, when it has been paired with the other nutrient-dense foods.

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GFF has also partnered with several other nutrition advocacy and education groups for the purpose of getting the message, recipe swaps and nutrition tips to a larger audience. Erin Ball, acting executive director of GFF said that, the Grain Foods Foundation (GFF) is now wanting to lead the path in sharing the message that has been increasing the consumption of whole grain, which does not demand the diminishing of the consumption of enriched grain.