US Set To Approve $40-Billion Funding To Ukraine And Warned Of Long War Ahead


The lawmakers of the United States are all set to approve a 40 billion dollars aid package for Ukraine as the government of the United States has warned that, Russia had been likely planning for a long conflict with the neighbours of the country.

The defense, economic and humanitarian funding should be passed comfortably and with the two parties having reached an agreement on the details and it is likely going to move quickly through the Congress. Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker of the United States said that, time has been of the essence and they cannot afford to wait any more long.

With the help of this package, the United States has sent a resounding message to the world of their unwavering determination for standing with the courageous people of Ukraine until the victory is achieved.

The leaders of congress have now struck a deal for the purpose of releasing 6.8 billion dollars more than the 33 billion dollars, which has been previously requested by the government of the United States for the purpose of helping the eastern European country ward off the invasion of Russia.

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This financial boosting is going to be including an extra 3.4 billion dollars for both the military and humanitarian assistance of the country and on top of the funding has now requested by the administration of Joe Biden.