US Solar Energy Manufacturers Secures Funding from DOE to Develop Innovative Technology


Nine projects in the United States are going to receive the funding from the Department of Energy (DOE) of the United States for the purpose of accelerating the commercialization of the technologies, which can provide help in integrating more solar electricity in the energy grid of the country.

All the nine solar energy projects are going to share in 14 million dollars of funding as a part of the efforts for spurring on the domestic production across the supply chain of the solar industry, along with providing help to make sure that, the hardware made in the United States will be used for the purpose of deploying the large quantities of the solar energy.

The solar energy projects are also going to focus on the areas including the development of a connector, which is responsible in predicting and preventing the arc faults, that can possibly cause the electrical fires in the solar energy photovoltaic systems, along with a 1-megawatt inverter for the solar systems of the utility-scale that will be eliminating the need for a transformer.

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Silfab Solar, a module manufacturer in the United States has also been awarded 3 million dollars for the purpose of providing help in scaling the company’s aluminium backsheets for the modules of silicon alongside SunFlex Solar, which is a solar energy technology developer in the United States.

Silfab Solar has also received funding for its another project, that has been aiming to increase the yield of the assembly modules by the integration of a non-contact electroluminescence inspection tool and the module lamination.