Joe Biden Announced New Program To Offer Discounted Internet Service In US


Joe Biden, president of the United States has announced that, the 20 internet companies have now agreed for providing the discounted service to the people with the low incomes, which has been a program that can effectively make tens of millions of the households that are eligible for the free service through an already existing the federal subsidy.

Joe Biden said that, the high speed internet is not a luxury any longer and it has been a necessity. The infrastructure of 1 trillion dollars package has been passed by the government of the United States in 2021 including 14.2 billion dollars funding for the Affordable Connectivity Program, which has been providing monthly subsidies of 30 dollars on the internet service for the millions of people of the lower-income households.

With the help of this new commitment from the internet providers, some of the 48 million households is going to be eligible for the monthly plans of 30 dollars for 100 megabits per second and service, which will be making the internet service fully paid with the assistance of the US government if they are signing up with one of the providers that are participating the program.

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Joe Biden has also noted that, the families of the four earning about 55,000 dollars per year will be getting a monthly credit of 30 dollars, which means that around 40 percent of the people of the United States is going to be qualified.