Cefla North America Installed Robotic Technology in its Lab


Cefla North America, a surface enhancement technologies supplying company in the United States and Canada, has successfully installed an advanced robotic spray machine in the company’s finishing laboratory, and the robotic technology is also known as the iBotic.

This finishing technology has been the largest and most advanced technology of all the technologies, which were housed in the Cefla North America testing laboratory, and it has also been installed for the purpose of enhancing the testing experience of the customer along with expanding the line-up of the company of the first-in-class equipment of surface enhancement.

For commemorate the commissioning and installation of the robotic machine, the company has also hosted a number of companies of North America for a focused event that has been highlighting the company’s capabilities of glue spray. The robot iBotic is having two arms working harmoniously, and the iBotic spray technology is able to accurately scan and finish the pieces of the varying shape and thickness along with the conveyor either in the motion or in the stationary state.

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The Cefla North America has also been housing the biggest laboratory, which has been dedicated to the finishing professionals that has been second to the global headquarters of the company based in Italy. This lab has also been serving as a center for the research on the latest techniques, trends and technologies that have been available for the finishing industry, and particularly, Cefla North America has been a center for the vacuum technology and the produces a line of the systems of vacuum finishing in the factory of the company based on California, US.