Google Ad Manager Outage Cost Large Websites Advertisement Sales


The internet users have seen an ad-free internet for some hours on Thursday night, December 8, 2022. At 8:04 pm Eastern Standard Time, tech giant Google posted that it was investigating reports of an issue with Google Ad Manager.

The users can get into the program, and they were seeing error messages, with high latency and several other unexpected behaviours. After several hours, at 10:40 pm Eastern Standard Time, Google had resolved the problem.

The ads were not going through, meaning the users did not see ads on the websites of the companies that use Google Ad Manager. According to Google, Ad Manager is not delivering advertisements for the affected users.

Google has not disclosed any information about the extent of the Google Ad Manager in a post, but users on social media have speculated that the outage might have been global, with customers in the United States, Japan, and Canada reporting on Twitter that Ad Manager was not working.

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Google Ad Manager is a digital marketplace where customers can purchase and sell ads across multiple networks. The service is mainly used by large publishers who engage in direct sales to ad purchasers. More than 80 percent of large publishers say that they use Google Ad Manager to manage their advertisement sales.

Google earned 54.48 billion dollars from ad sales in the third quarter of 2022 out of a total revenue of 69.09 billion dollars.