Johns Hopkins: Covid-19 Deaths In US Crossed 1-Million


According to a report from Johns Hopkins, over one million people have now died in the novel corona virus pandemic in the United States, which is far and away from most of the deaths of any other country. As the sheer number of the deaths from the novel corona virus has been setting the United States apart, and the large population of 332.5 million people of the United States does not explain the staggering mortality rate, which has been among the highest in the world.

According to the Coronavirus Resource Center of Johns Hopkins University, for every 100,000 residents around 290 people have died from the novel corona virus and among the 20 worst affected countries and only two other countries including Brazil and Poland are having higher mortality rates per 100,000 people respectively.

The deaths have been directly attributed to the novel corona virus and are only one measure of the toll of the novel corona virus pandemic and the deaths from the overdoses of the drug have been hitting a record high in the year 2021, which has been killing at least 100,000 people of the United States.

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The chronic conditions such as heart disease, dementia and hypertension have also contributed to the number of the excessive deaths, which is a number that is including several other ailments has been exacerbated by the novel corona virus along with the deaths caused directly by the novel corona virus.