WHO Warns, Omicron Travel Bans Harming Cooperation Across Globe


The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that, the bans on the travel are actually having adverse impact on the co-operation across the globe against the Omicron novel corona virus variant by the delays of sharing of the samples of laboratory from the country of South Africa that can possibly help the research into the new covid-19 strain.

Maria Van Kerkhove, technical lead of WHO on the novel corona virus said, the researchers of South Africa have also been keen for sharing the information, along with the samples and the data, but the ban in the travel have also caused many challenges for the samples that are actually being shipping out of the countries across the world.

The scientists across the world have also been struggling for learning more about the different effects of the highly mutated Omicron covid-19 variant, which was first detected in South Africa, and the variant has now been reported in around 24 countries across the world.

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As the remains are unclear when and where this new variant was first emerged, the countries across the world have been rushing to impose the travel restrictions, specifically on the travellers coming from the countries in Southern Africa, in spite the call of WHO for the rational measures in the response to the new covid-19 strain.