Twitter Bans Sharing of Personal Videos and Photos Without the consent of the Users


On Tuesday, 30th November 2021, the company ‘Twitter’ has banned sharing of the videos and photos of the private users without their consent as said by the company in a blog post, and this update to the company’s private information policy has been noting that, the people can also contact the platform of microblogging for having such type of media removed.

This ban does not apply to the public figures, and if the media and tweet are of the public interest, but the content that has been featuring those people might be removed from Twitter if the site is determining the data has been shared for the purpose of harassing, intimidating and even using the fear for silencing them.

Twitter said, they are always going to try to assess the context in which, the content has been shared and in such type of the cases, they might be allowing the videos or images to remain on the service.

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Twitter said, if the video or image has been publicly available, which is being covered by the news outlets or it is adding value to the public discourse, then the image or video might be allowed to remain on the site.

In a blog post, the company ‘Twitter’ has been pointing out that, the people might also be sharing the images of the private people or users in a situation of crisis for helping them, and that can possibly outweigh the risks associated to the safety.