Russia Says, it Will Decrease Military Activity Near Kyiv and Chernihiv


On Tuesday, 29th March 2022, during the peace talks between Russia and Ukraine, Russia has been promised for scaling down the military operations around the region of Kyiv and northern region of Ukraine and the country of Ukraine has proposed the adoption of a neutral status but with the international guarantees that it is going to be protected from the attack.

The peace talks in a palace in Istanbul has come as the invasion of Russia has been stopped on most of fronts by some strong resistance along with Ukraine recapturing the territory in the counter-attacks even as the common people of Ukraine have been trapped in the besieged cities.

Alexander Fomin, deputy defense minister of Russia said that, in order for increasing the mutual trust and also creating the necessary conditions for the future negotiations and also achieving the ultimate goal of signing an agreement, which has been a decision that was made for radically decreasing the military activity in the region of Kyiv and Chernihiv.

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The General Staff of Russia is going to be revealing more details about all the decisions after the delegation of Russia returned to Moscow, and the talks that are held in Istanbul had been the very first face-to-face meeting between both the sides since 10 March 2022.

The proposals of Ukraine at the talks had been the most detailed that both the countries have aired publicly, and the negotiators of Ukraine said that, Ukraine is going to agree for not joining the alliance but is going to have its security guaranteed in the terms that are similar to the Article 5, which has been the collective defense clause of the NATO.