US: Oxitec Announced 2022 Pilot Plans for Mosquito Technology


The company Oxitec, which has been a leading developer of the solutions for the biological pest control has announced the expansion of the plans for the company’s Aedes aegypti program in the United States.

In the region of Florida, where the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) of the United States has also approved a pilot project in the year 2021, and the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District (FKMCD) and the company ‘Oxitec’ has now announced the continuation of the collaboration into the year 2022, along with the pending future approvals from the US EPA along with the Consumer Services and the Florida Department of Agriculture.

In the region of California, the comoany Oxitec is going to be preparing a request for a research authorization for the purpose of launching a project that has been anticipated to be in the northern Tulare County, based in the City of Visalia, and the pending approval of the US EPA.

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Oxitec is going to be submitting a formal application that is going be reviewed by the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) of California, and the review of the Department of Pesticide Regulation is going to be including a scientific evaluation of the Aedes aegypti technology of Oxitec and it is going to be including the opportunities for the public for the purpose of engaging and reviewing the results of the evaluations of the state.