YouTube To Let Users Block Ads On More Sensitive Topics


The company ‘Google’ has been adding several new sensitive advertisement categories to the company’s Ad Settings hub for the purpose of helping the users to avoid advertisements they find the objectionable on YouTube and across the network of Google Display.

The company has firstly introduced the feature back in the year 2020, which has been allowing the users for restricting the advertisements relating to alcohol and gambling and that has also helped the large majority of the people, who is wanting to avoid the content related to alcohol or gambling but has also left out most of the others, who have been wanted to see less advertisements related to the other sensitive categories.

YouTube had been purchased by Google after a year, it has since become the biggest video streaming platform and it has also been the second most visited site on the whole internet. According to the data of YouTube, the platform has more than two billion user monthly, who has been collectively watching over one billion hours of the videos every day.

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The company has already been letting the users blocking the ads that are related to some of the objectionable categories but, the expansion of the policy is going to be helping the users for blocking the ads regarding the other potentially been the traumatic and uncomfortable subjects.