Google To Launch New Line of Chromebook Devices for Education


The company ‘Google’ has now introduced a new line of the more secure and sustainable Chromebook devices for the purpose of helping the students along with the teachers to collaborate and learn domestically.

The new line-up of the devices had been including the teacher-inspired Chromebooks such the HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook, Acer Chromebook and the Lenevo ThinkPad Ypga Chromebook along with the improved stylus capabilities, performance and design.

The new devices for the students has been including the HP Fortis 14 G10 Chromebook, along with the Dell Chromebook 3110, ASUS Chromebook Flip CR1 and the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go along with a updated connectivity capabilities and greater durability.

Each of the new Chromebooks are having a operating system based on the cloud technology that has been keeping the documents and the applications securely backed up even if the devices have been lost or damaged.

Racha Sloui, product manager of Chrome OS said that, the Google Chromebooks are playing an important role in the classroom, along with helping around 50 million students and teachers for collaborating and learning from where ever they are, and as the world of education has been adjusting to the new changes especially when it is coming to the virtual world, their devices should do the same.

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Additionally, the company ‘Google’ has now announced a repair program for the new Chromebook for the purpose of helping the school to revive, repair and also future-proofing the broken devices quickly and sustainably.