Satya Nadella Says, Microsoft Building Global Products in India


Microsoft, which has traditionally produced goods in other locations and sold them in India. Microsoft builds global products in India and makes significant investments there. Their development center is the largest outside of the United States. Four substantial data centers have been constructed with significant capital expenditures.

Satya Nadella, who received the Padma Bhushan in October 2022, stated that the company is now producing global products in India. Previously, the company had built products elsewhere and sold them in India.

Nadella praised India’s technological progress and stated that digital technology is being utilized in India by small businesses, public-sector organizations, and large multinationals to create value for their customers and users. He also praised India’s digital public goods like the United Payments Interface (UPI) and Aadhaar.

According to him, artificial intelligence will be “the next big wave,” and he is widely credited with transforming the iconic software maker into the third most valuable company in the world, after Saudi Aramco and Apple, by pivoting to the cloud and mobile businesses. ChatGPT, a platform supported by OpenAI, will be added into a number of Microsoft products, including Bing, which is Microsoft’s search engine.

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