UK’s Ofcom Orders Phone Networks to Block Foreign Scam Calls


United Kingdom’s Ofcom has confirmed that, all the major phone networks have now agreed to automatically blocking around all the internet calls that have been coming from abroad if they will pretend to be from the numbers in the United Kingdom.

The criminals have been using the call technology based on the internet for the purpose of making it look like a phone call or text message, has been coming from a real telephone number of United Kingdom, and around 45 million consumers had been targeted by the scams of phone during the summer.

The UK regulator ‘Ofcom’ said, it has been expecting the measures for being introduced at a pace as a priority, and till now, one operator has already implemented the new plans, as the other phone networks have been still exploring the new methods for making it work.

Lindsey Fussell, networks and communications group director of Ofcom said, they have now been working with the telecommunications companies to implement the technical solutions, which also includes blocking at source and suspicious international calls that have been masked by a United Kingdom number, and they are expecting that, these measures are going to be introduced as a priority, and at a pace, for ensuring that, the customers have been better protected.

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Lindsey Fussell also said, tackling the issue of phone scams had been a complex problem that has been requiring a coordinated effort from the government of the country, along with the police and several other regulators and industry.