Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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UK Health Officials Monitoring Hybrid Deltacron Covid-19 Strain

A new variant of the novel corona virus disease has been emerged as a cause of the concerns for the health experts across the globe, and this hybrid variant that has been named as Deltacron as the variant has been exhibiting the characteristics of both the corona virus strains including Delta variant and Omicron variant have been found in the samples in the UK.

The Health Security Agency of the United Kingdom (UKHSA) said, this new mutant hybrid variant is now being monitored in the country after the registrations of the new cases and until now, there has been no official world from the UKHSA regarding how highly infectious Deltacron strain is and how serious the symptoms can be.

The samples and sequences of the 25 Deltacron cases had been spent to the GISAID, which is the international database that is tracking the changes in the novel corona virus on 7th January 2022, and this hybrid strain is having the genetic signatures like the Omicron variant with the genome of the Delta variant.

Thomas Peacock, research associate at Barclay Laboratory at Imperial College London, UK said, although, there had been a pushback against the discovery of the Deltacron across the globe and with several leading publications that are dismissing the Deltacron strain as the lab error.

This hybrid strain of the Delta and Omicron covid-19 variants is capable of spreading faster than both the variant and the researchers have also identified that, the strain is indicating a big pressure for acquiring the mutations.