US CDC Launched Wastewater Surveillance For Tracking Covid-19 Trend


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States has now launched a new dashboard for the purpose of tracking the novel corona virus in the samples of wastewater across the United States.

The wastewater surveillance tab of the US CDC is going to be tracking the levels of the novel corona virus in the sewage at more than 400 testing sites across the United States, and this has been responsible for marking the data of the wastewater surveillance of the US CDC that has been available for the usage.

The US CDC said that, the wastewater surveillance has been a promising tool for the purpose of tracking the fast spread of the novel corona virus, and most of the people with the novel corona virus has been shedding the novel corona virus in their faeces, and hence the wastewater testing can possibly help for finding the covid-19 disease in the communities.

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Due to the continuous increase in the novel corona virus in the wastewater has been generally occurring just 4 to 6 days before the corresponding increase in the clinical trials, and the wastewater surveillance can possibly be serving as early warning of the rise in the covid-19 cases along with helping the communities to prepare.

The method of wastewater testing has also been successfully used for the purpose of detecting of the several other diseases like polio.