US: Capsa Healthcare Acquired Humanscale Healthcare


Capsa Healthcare, leading innovator in the healthcare delivery solutions for long-term care, hospitals and the providers of the retail pharmacy announced that, it has acquired Humanscale Healthcare, which has been a producer and designer of the flexible technology solutions along computing the workstations based in the region of New York.

This acquisition of Humanscale Healthcare has been the seventh major brand acquisition of Capsa in the past 11 years and with more than 50 years of experience in the product innovation, the company ‘Capsa’ has been growing steadily through a combination of the acquisition and development of the technology platforms and brands of complementary products.

Avi Zisman, chief executive officer of Capsa said, the company has always look to the Humanscale Healthcare as a unique market innovator and also as the best-in-class point-of-care and product design provider, and by adding the Humanscale Healthcare within the Capsa portfolio of brands is going to be providing their customers with the solutions that are truly going to make a difference in the delivery of healthcare.

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Heather Fennimore, president of Humanscale Healthcare said, they have been thrilled that, Capsa has recognized the strength of the Humanscale Healthcare’s brand, along with the people and products, and the company ‘Humanscale Healthcare’ has been established at an incredible point-of-care business that is going to continue for being an innovator with the company ‘Capsa’.