UK Government to Provide Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine to Children Under 5 to 11 Years Age


The government of the United States is going to be offering the novel corona virus vaccinations to the children between the age group of 5 to 11 years for the purpose of widening the protection for the population as the government of the United Kingdom is moving to end the remaining the restrictions of the covid-19 pandemic.

On Wednesday, 16th February 2022, Sajid Javid, health secretary of the United Kingdom said, the National Health Services of the United Kingdom is going to be making the covid-19 vaccines shots available to the children across the particular age group starting in the month of April 2022 so that if the parents want than they can take up the offer for increasing the protection against the upcoming waves of the novel corona virus.

Sajid Javid said, most of the young children have been generally standing at a very low risk of the serious sickness from the novel corona virus and the priority has also been remained for the NHS England for providing the corona virus vaccines and the boosters to the vulnerable young people and adults along with catching up with the other immunization programs of children have been delayed by the novel corona virus pandemic.

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The government of the United Kingdom has also been extending the country’s covid-19 vaccine program for increasing the numbers of the people as the government of UK eases the corona virus rules.