United States Announced Global Covid-19 Summit on 12th May 2022


On Monday, 18th April 2022, the government of the United States said that, a second global summit for charting an end to the novel corona virus crisis and a plan for the future upheavals is going to be taking place on 12th May 2022. This virtual gathering is going to joined by the United States, Germany, Indonesia, Belize and Senegal and all these countries has issued a joint statement that, the second global covid-19 summit is going to be held in 12th May 2022.

This new virtual gathering is going to be co-chaired by the United States along with the G20 president Indonesia, G7 president Germany, Belize and Senegal, and Belize has been the current chair of the CARICOM Caribbean grouping.

This global covid-19 summit is going to be redoubling their collective efforts for the purpose of ending the acute phase of the novel corona virus pandemic and also preparing for the future health threats. Thus summit is going to be built on the themes and commitments that are made at the first summit and will also be placing an emphasis on providing support to the solution, led locally, to both the long-term and immediate challenges.

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The challenges include, deploying the tests and treatments specifically for the high-risk populations, along with the expansion and protection of the health workforce and reducing the disruptions to the routine and essential health services and generating the sustainable financing for the preparedness, heath systems and health security for covid-19 pandemic.