Samsung Galaxy S22 Devices To Have In-Built Google Messages


The new line of the Galaxy S22 devices of Samsung in the United States will now come with the pre-installed Google Messages, which is responsible for giving the devices a large boost for the adoption of the RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging in the country.

The Google Messages, along with the broad support of the RCS messaging of Google has now became the default messaging app on the Samsung Galaxy S21 devices in 2021 in the continent of Europe and several other markets but not in the United States, and now Samsung has also made the Google Messages, the default messaging application in the United States.

The company ‘Google’ has been pushing the Rich Communication Services (RCS) for being treated as a standard on all the smart phones that is including iPhone of Apple, and the RCS has been modern standard for the SMS that is going to be allowing the functionality of WhatsApp for the experience of standard messaging on the Android devices, but the RCS is not supported by the iMessage app of Apple.

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According to the reports, the company ‘Samsung’ has also made the Google Messages, the default messaging app in the United States for the newly launched Galaxy S22 series that is also including the premium Ultra, S22 and S22 Plus, and for some reason, the company has not mentioned the change in the announcements for the new and upcoming devices in the United States market.