IBM Announced Acquisition of Neudesic Based in US


IBM announced that, the company has recently acquired Neudesic, a cloud services consultancy company that is primarily specialized in the platform Microsoft Azure based in the United States along with bringing the skills in the multicloud.

This acquisition is going to significantly expand the portfolio of the hybrid multicloud services of IBM and also further advancing the hybrid cloud and Artificial Intelligence of the company and the financial details of the acquisition had not been revealed.

This acquisition has been significant to the presence of the company in India along with more than half of the employees based in the regions of Kochi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad in India and the Neudesic is also having a total number of employees of 1,500 including the data and cloud experts.

With the acquisition of Neudesic, IBM has now acquired over 20 companies out of which 12 in the IBM Consulting alone, and Neudesic is going to be adding on to the consulting capabilities of IBM in the hybrid cloud and Artificial Intelligence along with beefing up the consulting focus of the company as more number of deals have been digital in nature.

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The analysts are also saying that, the digital transformation is also requiring an architectural shift and they are still working with the technology partners, right from the important initial stage.

IBM also said that, it is going to be focusing on the hybrid cloud play, which the company says has been an opportunity of 200 billion dollars.