Samsung and Vodafone UK To Start UK’s First 5G Open RAN Site


Vodafone UK and Samsung Electronics has announced that, the companies are switching on the first 5G Open RAN site that has been carrying the live traffic of the customers. The 5G Open RAN site, which is located in Bath, United Kingdom has been marking the beginning of the scaled architecture of the Open RAN network of Vodafone in the continent of Europe, along with more than 2,500 additional sites.

For the purpose of commemorating the deployment of the first of the companies, both Vodafone UK and Samsung has successfully completed a 5G live video call by using the 5G virtualized RAN (vRAN) of Samsung that had been the first call of the United Kingdom in a particular 5G Open RAN.

Andrea Dona, chief network officer of Vodafone UK said that, the Open RAN technology can radically evolve the telecoms industry and they are now very excited for champion the technology in the United Kingdom. Andrea Dona also said, this has been an ecosystem that is not very old but the progress which they have made so far has been remarkable, and they not only started the first scaled deployment in the United Kingdom but they have also successfully installed the first site of 5G Open RAN technology in the country.

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She added that, the Open RAN has now been a real-world technology and it has truly been very exciting for seeing the technology flourish across the world.