TikTok Said, Oracle Will Keep Its US User Data Safe


TikTok said, the company ‘Oracle’ is going to store all the data from the company’s US users in a bid for allaying the fears regarding the safety in the hands of a platform that has been owned by ByteDance in China.

This announcement has come as the popular video making company has fended off the concerns regarding the ability of the engineers in the country of China for the purpose of accessing the information about the users in the United States that is not public.

The employees of ByteDance have been repeatedly accessed the information about the TikTok users in the United States and it has been very common for some engineers at the internet companies for being granted access to the data and TikTok said that, it has been trying to decrease that kind of the privilege of the system.

Ronald Cloutier, chief information security officer of TikTok said, similar to the industry peers, they are going to continue for driving their goal of limiting the number of employees, who are having access to user data and the scenarios where the access of the data has been enabled.

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He said that, their main goal is decrease the data access across the regions and TikTok has also been adamant that the company has never given the user data of the United States to the officials of China and that it is going to refuse if they are asked to do so.