Ericsson Again Sues Apple Amid Patent Licensing of 5G Technology


The company ‘Ericsson’ has again filed another set of the infringement of the lawsuits of the patent against the company ‘Apple’ in the latest salvo between both the companies over the payment of the royalty for the use of the 5G wireless patents in the iPhones of the company.

Both Apple and Ericsson have already sued each other in the United States as the negotiations have already failed over the renewal of the licensing contract of seven years for the telecoms patents that have been first struck in the year 2015. In the month of October 2021, Ericsson has firstly sued Apple that had been trying to improperly decreasing the rates of the royalty, and Apple has then filed a lawsuit in the month of December 2021 that has been accusing the company ‘Ericsson’ for using the tactics of strong arm for renewing the patents.

A spokesman of Apple said that, Ericsson has now refused for negotiating the fair terms for the purpose of renewing their patent licensing agreement, and instead of that, Ericsson has been suing Apple across the world for extorting the excessive royalties as they are now asking the court for helping them to determine a fair price.

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A spokesman for Ericsson also said that, since before the agreement between the companies has expired and they have now been unable for reaching the agreement on the terms and the scope of the new license, the company ‘Apple’ is now going to be using their technology without having a license.