NOVONIX and Phillips 66 Partnered To Advance Lithium-ion Battery Production in North America


The companies including NOVONIX Limited and Phillips 66 has signed an agreement of technology development for the purpose of advancing the commercialization and production of the next-generation anode materials for the batteries of lithium-ion.

Ann Oglesby, vice president of energy research and  innovation at Phillips 66 said that, this agreement has been building on their strategic investment in the company ‘NOVONIX’ and it has also been a natural step both the companies that has been committed to the innovation and a future with low-carbon, and she also said that, it has been responsible for setting the framework for the companies to work closely for the purpose of accelerating the development of the next-gen materials for the battery supply chain in the United States.

Chris Burns, chief executive officer of NOVONIX said that, they are very excited for furthering their relationship with the Phillips 66 and together they are also planning to develop the integral processes starting from the precursor materials of manufacturing to the production of the long-life and high capacity synthetic graphite anode material that has been intended for the purpose of improving the battery performance, along with the decreasing the costs and environmental impacts.

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Phillips 66 has now became a major investor in the company ‘NOVONIX’ in the month of September 2021, when the company has acquired a stake of 16 percent in the company, and this investment has been supporting the growth of NOVONIX as it has been scaling up the production and development of the new technologies for the applications of high performance storage.