Germany to Reach One Million Electric Vehicles on Road Target in July 2021


According to the reports, Germany is now on track for achieving the country’s goal of one million electric cars in German roads in July 2021, which is the milestone that Germany is reaching six months later than it had been actually planned.

Peter Altmaier, economy minister of Germany said, they are going to be reaching their target of one million electric cars on the roads of the country by the end of July 2021, which everyone in the country have thought was unreachable, and it is going to be reached just six months late. He also said, the subsidy programs of the government of Germany had boosted the increase of the electric vehicles and it has also increased the chances for the country might end up beating the long-term target of 7 to 10 million electric vehicles on the roads of Germany.

According to the data, Germany is successfully leading the way in the region so far in 2021, with around 248,000 registrations for electric vehicle between January 2021 to May 2021, and it is followed by France and United Kingdom.

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With this, the continent of Europe became, the largest market of electric vehicles in 2020 across the world, as the European governments have been pushing the initiative very hard for the purpose of increasing the adoption of the electric vehicles, along with the fines for the automobile production companies, who are not able to reach the strict carbon emissions targets and also sever incentives for the buyers of the electric cars.