UnitedHealth To Purchase LHC Group For $5.4-Billion


The UnitedHealth group is going to be spending 5.4 billion dollars for the purpose of purchasing the LHC Group and to do more deep into the home health, which has been an areas of care that is expected for growing at a rapid speed.

The company ‘UnitedHealth’ said that, it is going to be paying 170 million dollars in cash for each share of the stock of LHC Group in a deal that is estimated to close in 2022. UnitedHealth, which is running the largest health insurance company in the United States is going to be adding the LHC Group to the company’s Optum Health business, that has been is operating the primary care clinics and the surgery centers across the country.

The deal has been representing a nice and strategic fit for Optum, which has given the growth potential in the home health care, and the Medicare Advantage of UnitedHealth. The plans of the Medicare Advantage have been privately running the versions of the Medicare coverage funded by the government of the United States for the people who are above 65 years of age or the people who are having some serious disabilities.

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The LHC Group has been responsible for providing nurses and home health aides, which generally carries out the plans for the doctor treatment and therapists who are offering the occupational, speech and physical therapy, and the LHC is also providing the end-of-life hospice care through its 170 locations across the United States.