Google Launches VPN Service for Google One Subscribers in UK


The technology giant Google has confirmed that the Google’s home-grown VPN service has now been available to the subscribers of the Google One in the region of the United Kingdom.

The VPN Service, that has been an added perk for the subscribers, which are on the storage plan of 2TB and above, have been encouraging the users for shielding the web activity of the users, specifically when they are on the unprotected networks, and the connection is going to be available by a single tap in the Google One mobile application and it can also be accessed within the quick settings options on the Android devices for getting even faster access.

In October 2021, the company ‘Google’ said, for the purpose of giving its Google One subscribers peace of mind that, their data is safe, the company has announced the all new VPN by Google One on their 2TB and higher plans for the purpose of providing an extra layer of the protection of the users Android phone online.

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Google said, they have already built the advanced security into all their products, and the new VPN has been responsible in extending the security for encrypting all of the online traffic of the user’s Android phone, and no matter what browser or application the users are using.

This new VPN has been built into the Google One application, so with the help of Just one Tap, the users can rest assured by knowing that, their connection is now safe from the different types of hackers, and with the United Kingdom, the Google One VPN service is also being expanded to several other countries including France, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Spain and Italy.