Google, Apple Deletes Neglected Apps From Online Stores


The tech giants including Google and Apple have been limiting the availability of the apps that have now gone too long without a new update but, both the companies are not being equally strict regarding it.

Apple announced that, it is going to be considering an app is neglected if it had not been updates within the past three years and had not been downloaded at all few times during a launch of 12 month period.

By meeting both criteria is going to be leading to the developer of the apps by getting a warning of the possible removal of the apps from the App Store, which has been the only practical way for distributing an iPad and iPhone app that is amounting to a death sentence. The developers of the apps have been up to 90 days for the purpose of shipping an update for lifting that threat.

This policy has been representing a retreat from a previous rule that, the company ‘Apple’ had now revealed through the emails sent to the developers. In the cases, the users with the app has already installed should also be safe.

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Apple has declined for making any comment on the record but has also confirmed that, the outside of the titles has now removed for being a malware and an app is no longer available in the App Store is going to be transferring to the new devices through the process of restoring and backup.