Facebook Turned Out To Be the Biggest Political Advertiser


Social media giant Facebook has released a new tool that will show about who is spending the largest amount of money on the political ads for the electoral campaigns to be held in the US. After a glimpse of the analytical report, Texas Senate Beto O’Rourke came out to be the biggest spender who has invested over $5 million into Facebook ads since the month of May.

However, after a detailed analysis, Facebook is the one to capitalize more than $12 million for political ads on Facebook and Instagram too that is equivalent to the big four advertisers including O’Rourke and Mr. Trump’s super PAC.

The result is obvious as Facebook would be the first one to use the technology built by itself. Recently, Facebook has been blamed for spreading the fake news for misusing its users’ data for political reasons and for being irresponsible to the type of content uploaded on its platform.

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After this controversy, Facebook, on television and hoardings across the cities, warned people to stay away from suspicious and unknown people on its platform.

Facebook has released its first political advertising archive in May and kept a promise for being utmost transparent for digital political ads. However, it proved out to be difficult to navigate as it was unable to detect how much money was spent by whom and by Facebook too.