European Union Investigates Facebook’s Acquisition of Kustomer


The regulators of the European Union are now opening an in-depth investigation of the plant of the company Facebook for acquiring the company ‘Kustomer’ over the concerns that, the deal might be responsible for stifling the competition for the software of customer relationship management.

On Monday, 2nd August 2021, the European Commission said, it is also going to do an investigation due to the concerns that, Facebook will be able to get more data for the personalized advertisements, and also handing the company more advantage in the European online advertising market.

The company ‘Facebook’ has now announced the deal in the month of November, as the company is now seeking to make more money from the services including Messenger and WhatsApp chat services, that have been thrived during the novel corona virus pandemic, and by adding the different ways for the businesses for the main purpose of interacting with the customers, and the company ‘Kustomer’ has been providing the software that is responsible in helping the companies to manage the online conversations with the customers from the different channels by integrating them into the a single dashboard.

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Margrethe Vestager, executive vice president of the top competition watchdog of the European Union said, their investigation has now been aiming to make sure that, the transaction is not going to harm the consumers of the business, and any data, which the company ‘Facebook’ should be getting access that does not affect the competition, and Facebook has now pledged for completely co-operating with the investigation of the European Commission.