UK CMA Gets Competition Commitment from Google


The competition watchdog of the United Kingdom has given acceptance to Google over the company’s proposed reforms from the online advertising that is including the banning of the third-party cookies within the company’s web browser known as Google Chrome.

The technology company ‘Google’, which is holding an enormous share of the advertising market across the globe said that, these reforms are going to be improving how the industry has been handling the data of the individuals. But the regulators that is also including the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) of the United Kingdom has been concerned that, the plans of Google can possibly cause online advertising spending for becoming more concentrated on Google.

In a win for the regulators of the United Kingdom, the Competition and Market Authority (CMA) said that, it was very happy for letting the company ‘Google’ for continuing the exploration of the plans of company’s Privacy Sandbox by receiving the commitments from Google that the company can possibly launch on a global basis.

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Google said that, the planned updates to the company’s Chrome web browser is going to be removing the commonly used tracking mechanisms such as the third-part cookies along with blocking the covert techniques that, the websites have been using for identifying their users.

Several companies have also complained that, Google removing the third-party cookies is going to make a negative impact on their ability for personalizing and tailoring the advertisements based on the information, which they can possibly collect on the users.