Chiesi USA Donated Over $815,000 To Local Communities in 2021


Chiesi USA, Inc. a specialty pharmaceutical company has contributed more than 815,00 dollars through the company’s Chiesi in the Community (CITC) CSR (corporate social responsibility) program in 2021. As the program was led by the employees, the employees of the company has supported around 85 unique charitable organizations along with 1,124 hours of their time and donations in the year 2021.

Jon Zwinski, chief executive officer and GM of Chiesi USA said, the Chiesi in the Community had been born from their desire for creating the positive change in the communities where they are living and working, and in 2022, they are very proud for having continued their mission for providing support to the local non-profits and organizations that are serving the people, who are in need.

Jon Zwinski also said that, the company could not do this without the dedication of their employees, who have been inspiring them with their passion for the purpose of making a difference and they are very grateful for the active engagement of the employees for advancing this program in the future.

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In 2021, the company has increased the contributions to the company’s local partners including Activate Food, Inter-faith Food Shuttle, Children’s Fight of Hope and Refugee Hope Partners for the purpose of advancing the efforts of Chiesi in the food security, along with volunteering the mobilization, financial stability and medical care.

Some of the support had also been achieved through the recurring partnership of Chiesi with the Durham Bull as the 2021 sponsor in when the company has donated for every homerun for the Bulls.