Reports: Ukrainian President ‘Volodymyr Zelensky’ Survives Another Assassination Attempt


Volodymyr Zelensky, president of Ukraine has survived another attempt of assassination of him, which has been the fourth attempt since the invasion of Russia of Ukraine has started that has been led by the special services of Russia.

Another attempt of assassination on the life of the president of Ukraine has been failed, and this time, the military group of 25 people that has been led by the special services of Russia had been captured near the border of Slovakia and Hungary and the goal of the Russian army had been the physical elimination of the president of Ukraine.

According to the reports, the attempts had been foiled after the anti-war people of Russia has fed to the authorities of Ukraine for around two separate group of mercenaries of the Chechen special forces and Wagner group, who had been planning to launch the attacks.

The president of Ukraine has also been claiming that, he has been the number one target of Russia since the invasion of Russia on Ukraine started on 24th February 2022, and in the past, he has also warned the citizens about the saboteur elements of Russia, who had entered the city of Kyiv and had also been looking for the president of Ukraine for him and his family.

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All the earlier negotiations have been failed for making the progress on ending the war that has killed around thousands of lives and driven over 10 million people of Ukraine from their homes.