ELF Signed Partnership with Brazilian American Football


The European League of Football (ELF) has recently announced that, it has signed a partnership with the Brazil American Football or BFA (Brasil Futebol Americano), which had been the former organizers of the elite league in the country of Brazil, and the Brazil American Football, which had previously operated the league on behalf of the Brazilian Federation of American Football, CBFA, also known as (Confederacao Brasileira de Futebol Americano), has been no longer involved with the CBFA and at present it has also been looking for the teams.

The eight-team European League of Football has started of the inaugural session in the previous weekend, and according to the European League of Football, the two leagues are going to be working together for increasing the level of the co-operation between the two leagues, and one of the main and important elements, ELF is going to seem the acceptance of the players of Brazil on the teams of the European League Football with importing any kind of restrictions.

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One of the main initiatives has been the creation of the exchange opportunities for the selected coaches, players and also the officials for both the continents including Europe and South America. It has been already decided that, the football players of Brazil are not going to be counting as the important players in the European League of Football.

The Brazil American Football had cancelled the 2020 season because of the novel corona virus pandemic, and it has not returned for playing as the novel corona virus have been ravaging the country in 2020.