Friday, December 2, 2022
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Volvo Taps Israel’s UVeye For Automated Inspection in US

The Swedish automobile company ‘Volvo’ has tapped Uveye, technology startup based in Israel that is developing the automated inspection systems for the vehicles for the purpose of providing the retailers of the United States with the company’s artificial intelligence power and camera based platforms for the inspection of the vehicles.

The systems are going to be installed at selecting the retailers on the East Coast of the country, and UVeye said that, the company has been hoping for the expansion for including most of the 280 independent retail locations of the company ‘Volvo’ across the United States.

UVeye said that, the company’s drive through systems can possibly detect the mechanical and external flaws in just minutes and also help in identifying the modifications both along with the undercarriage and the exterior of the vehicle. The system has been using the sensor and machine learning technologies for the purpose of creating an inspection device for the homeland and automobile security industries.

The company ‘Uveye’ also said that, the scanning process can possibly enhance the efficiency of the vehicle inspections on the assembly lines, at the auctions and also at the car dealerships and security checkpoints.

Rick Bryant, vice president for sales operations at Volvo Car USA said, this has been a homerun for the Volvo Cars and retailers of the company, and the automated systems of UVeye is going to be adding a new level of credibility to the process of inspection for them, for their customers and for their retailers.