Lightyear Claims Its Lightyear 0 Can Run Up To Seven Months on Single Charge


The Lightyear 0 electric car has already grabbed attention around the world with the car’s design and technology on board and the company believes that, the Lightyear 0 can actually run up to seven months without any charge to the battery in the countries where the sunlight has been strong.

As it has been the best-case scenario, the company believes that, the electric vehicles can actually run for around two months even in the country like Netherlands and this range has been considered with an estimated average commuting of 35 kilometres daily.

For this, the owners of the vehicles have to park their vehicles outdoor so that, the solar panel on board, the electric vehicles can possibly draw energy from the sunlight. The Lightyear 0 is claimed to come with a solar yield of around 11,000 kilometres per year and this was possible because of the 54 square feet of the patented double-curved solar arrays, which has been allowing the electric vehicle for the purpose of drawing from the sun at any time.

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The company has also claimed that, the Lightyear 0 can even run around 70 kilometers by using the car’s energy sourced by solar. Apart from the solar charging, the automobile company also claims that, the electric car has been capable of running around 625 kilometres on fully charged battery. The company also claims that, the car’s highly efficient motors have been paired with the aerodynamic design that helps the electric vehicles to promise such range.