Cargill, BASF Extend Partnership to Offer High-Performance Enzyme Solutions in the US


BASF and Cargill announced that their existing agreement for the development and distribution of feed enzymes has been expanded to include the United States (US). The two businesses are committed to bringing novel enzyme-based solutions to market and creating unique value for customers of animal feed. A joint innovation pipeline for producers of animal protein will be created by combining BASF’s strengths in enzyme research and development with Cargill’s application expertise and extensive market reach.

With the expanded geographical reach, BASF and Cargill hope to collaborate on the development of the next generation of enzymes by incorporating the commercial perspectives and voices of US protein producers. In this subsequent stage of their collaboration, BASF and Cargill aim to provide US customers with solutions that address productivity, sustainability, and cost issues.

Mariano Berdegue, the North America regional managing director for Cargill’s animal nutrition business, said that they are delighted further to strengthen our relationship with their US customers and BASF. Mariano Berdegue added that the partnership will make it possible for a broader range of high-performance enzyme solutions to be made available to customers of animal feed. These enzyme solutions have been shown to reduce nutrient waste, increase feed efficiency, and sustainably boost animal performance.

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In 2021, BASF and Cargill expanded their relationship to include joint development of new enzyme technologies and applications rather than merely distribution agreements. The companies’ successful go-to-market collaboration in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, the Middle East, and Africa serves as the foundation for this extended partnership. Customers-focused enzyme products and solutions will be developed, produced, sold, and distributed jointly by BASF and Cargill as part of the partnership.

Cargill and BASF are thrilled to expand their partnership and contribute their knowledge of animal nutrition and scientific excellence to customer success.